Packaging: All bathing suits are mailed in 100% compostable mailers to reduce the use of single use plastics and bubble wrap. 

Fabric: All fabrics are made from recycled materials. We are excited to announce that our new fabric supply is made from repurposed nylon, sourced directly from fishing lines pulled from the sea. This means your bikini is helping clean up one of the biggest sources of waste in the ocean AND preventing fabric production in excess. 

Small scale production: Every piece sold by GAS swim is sewn by the same two hands. This leaves no questions in the production process. When you buy from GAS, you can trust that it has been crafted under ethical conditions with minimal waste. Each fabric piece is cut carefully by hand to minimize fabric waste, and all salvageable scraps are saved for potential future designs. As we continue to grow, we pledge to continue our mission of ethical production and sustainable practices with complete transparency as to who, what, and where our products may be made to ensure every set of hands our product is passed through is paid fairly and working in a safe environment.